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I tried doing it myself, over and over again and never got it. Then, I took the course at Johnson and everything changed. With the installation guidance they gave me I could see exactly what I was doing wrong. They taught me advanced shrinking techniques that made my installs go fast and sure. With in a week I was doing 1 -2 cars a day with no problems, and I am only getting faster.

Thanks Johnson

Flat Glass

I have done cars before but never homes. A customer liked the job I did on his SUV and asked me to do his house. It was a big mistake. I totally fumbled the job. I couldn't even answer the most basic window film performance questions, and recommended the wrong film for his windows. The large panes where a lot different than small car windows, and worst of all I put auto film on them and caused a break. Bad news. Then I went to Johnson. They explained the window film principals to me and I learned all about the science of commercial / residential window film installation. They even taught me installation techniques that are totally different from anything I know for cars, yet they are vital. I now use my auto business to get me residential business, and residential installation to get me commercial installation. Thanks to Johnson now I am a complete installer!

New Career – New Business

I won't say my job was a dead end, but I definitely couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. It just seemed I was making other people money. Then I started window tinting with the help of Johnson. It wasn't too long before I was doing installation part time on the weekends. I was amazed that only a small, affordable set of tools was all I needed to install this affordable product. The profit margins are high in comparison with the price of the product (which, if I plan it right I don't even have to buy until I get the job). This is my first doing window film installation full time. I love being my own boss and being in control of my own time. It did take some commitment and practice, but window film installation gave me faith in the American Dream again!

Flexible Extra Income

My name is Zack, I am a full time student and I was tired of working minimum wage jobs part time for almost no money. I can't really spend enough time at work, with my full class schedule, to make enough money to cover the bills. Then my friend turned me on to Johnson. Now I tint fellow students cars (I charge the rich kids more ;) and my teachers homes. I have even done some installation for the University. When I get my degree, I don't have to worry about getting a job right away to pay off the student loans. I know I will always have a skill that can take care of me. Who knows, maybe my Johnson Certificate of Completion is the best degree I could have gotten.

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